Being a homemade business, it can be tricky to know what to expect. I'm a believer in the beauty of process, so I want to let you in on it. Each product Sara Lane Design offers is different:  in material, in nature, in process, in time it takes to craft.  Find your answers below. And if it's not there, it probably should be. So ask away!

wedding stationery.

Q: As a bride/groom, what can I expect from the stationery design process?

A: You can expect a custom, collaborative process resulting in a suite that expresses you as a couple. One of my favorite things about designing wedding details is that I get to know you as a couple and design specifically for you. Timeline, style, and price are dependent on what we work out in our conversations about your wedding-day vision + needs.


Q: How much should I budget for wedding invitations?

A: My goal is to create something beautiful, personal, and expressive. My couples have a wide range of wedding day needs and spend an average of $800-1,500 on wedding invitations.

Additional add-ons include: save the dates, detail cards, wax seals, upgraded paper choices (double thick, vellum, deckled edge paper, etc), menu cards, ceremony programs, escort cards, signage, envelope printing/calligraphy, etc. 

Cost is dependent on printing process, paper choice, and add-ons. Reach out today for a quote personalized to your needs!


Q: We’re on a tight budget, but want to make it work. What are our options?

A: Part of the reason I got into stationery was designing for my own wedding - I wanted something personal, unique and something we could afford. So I know this position well, and I’m happy to work within budgets and offer options. A few tips: opt for online replies (saves on double postage and envelope costs), keep paper choices/sizes standard, choose printed addressing versus calligraphy (plus, I include a hand lettered envelope for styling and keepsake for each couple) or opt to print them yourself. Let me know your goal, and I’ll do my best to help you achieve it.


custom work.

Q: I'm interested in something custom, how do I go about this process?

A: Yay! While I only take on a limited amount of custom orders, I LOVE custom projects. The best way to start is to fill out this form here giving me the details you have. From there we will work via email and proofs to ensure your vision comes to life!



Q: What is a digital product?

A: Digital products are anything that I have designed, digitized, and made easy for download. Whether it be a hand-lettered sign that you can print on your own to give to a friend, or an iPhone wallpaper, these products are not delivered tangibly, but via your click of the button. 


Q: Why would I purchase a digital product?

A: They are affordable and give you, the buyer, options: size, paper you print on, quantity of prints. The design is thoughtful and consistent in quality but the printing is in your hands, making digital products a suitable option for many.